What Gives Your Life Meaning?

So many choices. How will you use your time?

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Every time you start to move toward what you really want in your life, the present conditions pull you back into old patterns. Desire within you rises up for a few minutes, or maybe even a few days, and then it wanes again. This can leave you feeling like it’s no use to even try.

What motivates us to push through the barriers in our way? Meaning and purpose. Our desires have to express meaning in our lives. Did you know that fewer people are depressed in wartime than in peacetime? How could that be true? In wartime, every day has meaning, every activity has purpose. People are striving to accomplish some important task related to survival. It might be hard. It might push them to the limit, yet it gives them meaning and purpose.

In our modern life, we have few crises to face. Each day melts into the next one. And we have so many choices available to us regarding how we use our time. In this ease of modern life, our true desires get buried beneath the commonplace activities that consume our calendar and our thoughts. This is so true that some people will create chaos and crisis simply to have a purpose, which in turn makes them feel more alive.

Instead of creating your life through crisis, chaos, or common occurrence, why not create your life on purpose and with meaning by unleashing your inner dreams and desires? What would your life look like if you were living the life of your dreams?

Look at your answer to the last Stepping Stone question, “What do I wish was different in my life right now?” Does what you wrote give your life meaning? Does it feel like it is on purpose with who you desire to be in this life? If not, go back and write some more. Maybe try answering this question, “What would give my life meaning in the areas that seem unfulfilled?”

I know these are tough questions, and I know you have the answers inside of you. Keep on exploring.

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