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Where Are You On Your Spectrum?

Wayne Dyer was a great spiritual teacher of recent time. I truly miss his contribution to the world. In his book, The Power of Intention, he wrote: “If you don’t believe that you’re worthy of fulfilling your intentions for health, wealth, or loving relationships, then you’re creating an obstacle that will inhibit the flow of creative energy into your daily life.”

Practice the Presence

Download divine ideas that might never have come to you.

Nineteenth century doctor, writer, and metaphysician H. Emilie Cady wrote, “Practice the presence of God just as you would practice music.” As a spiritual teacher and coach, I cannot over-stress how important it is...

We Get To Choose

Where do you place your attention?

In every moment, we are thinking. We can hold only one thought in our minds at a time. We are either thinking about the external circumstances around us or we are thinking about the internal, creative energy inside of us.

How Arnold Did It

Set your sites and cast your life vison.

As a young boy in rural Austria, Arnold Schwarzenegger made a decision for his future. After reading an article in a magazine about Reg Parks, the Mr. Universe Body-Builder, Arnold decided he was going to follow in Park's footsteps.

Pain or Pleasure?

Avoiding pain is very commanding.

We make decisions based on whether something will hurt less than something else or feel better than our current circumstances.

Maybe – Maybe Not

Sometimes we need to go for it.

Do you want to change – quit smoking, lose weight, attract your special someone, get out of a bad relationship, change jobs, or earn more money?

Why Do You Do What You Do?

 Experience freedom from the self-sabotage.

You affirm and declare that you will do something or you won’t do something – then, before you realize it, you have done exactly the opposite.

Get Clear About
What You Really Want

Soul searching to get down to the nitty-gritty.

Those inner callings speak to us through our longings and our discontent. We may be enjoying our lives, yet something is missing.

Release the Old

What you carry forward into the new year impacts what you will receive from it.

The end of a year is a great time to take a personal inventory, to determine how your life is stacking up against your plans and expectations for yourself. 

The Promise

People aren't perfect. Love is.

My oldest brother Jim was 18 years old and out on his own when I was born into the Thomas household. He and I never had much opportunity to develop a deep relationship. 

Sharing Thanksgiving

Tony Robbins didn’t always
have a great Thanksgiving.

“My father was an angry man. He was always yelling at my mother. One year, it was almost Thanksgiving. We didn’t have any food, and there was certainly no celebration. 

What Autumn & Commas Can Teach Us About Perception

Nature reminds us how we can
adapt and adjust in life.

Simply by changing the point at which the comma is seen, a person’s life was completely changed. The same goes for our perception.

That “NO” Voice in Your Head

Opinions influence who you are.

Quite a few parents tell their children, “We will support you in whatever you want to do.” Few of them really mean it.

I Don’t Know What I Want

Is an inner myth running the story of your life?

Do you have an unsatisfied longing, yet you don’t know what you want? Sometimes we simply don’t know.

What Gives Your Life Meaning?

So many choices. How will you use your time?

Every time you start to move toward what you really want in your life, the present conditions pull you back into old patterns.

I Wish My Life Was Different

Schedule an appointment with yourself.

So you wake up one morning and think, “I wish my life was different.” And you go on to imagine some different aspect or outcome for yourself.

Are You Ready to Do Things Differently?

Your brain craves change.

Boom, boom, boom. The fireworks exploded, the ball dropped, and a new year began. By the time you read this article, you may have already trashed your resolutions. Please don’t despair.

What Are You Entertaining For Thanksgiving?

Our minds as “home.”

A friend of mine said, “Lately I have been entertaining the idea of running away.” Something about my friend’s use of the word “entertaining” made me curious. I asked, “What do you serve it?”

I Lived

Squeeze every last drop out of life.

Pop music in this decade has taken on a positive message. One Republic, a pop band from Colorado, has released hit after hit from their album, NATIVE. One song that I particularly like is titled, “I Lived.”

I Didn’t Expect That

Life happens in spite of the best laid plans.

How many times have you said something like, “I just didn’t expect that.” “I didn’t see it coming.” “If only I had expected that to happen.” A part of your mind wants to expect all the possibilities.

I Know It

This syndrome has its own name.

A friend of mine creates posts on Facebook under the caption: “Quotes from people who aren’t famous and don’t have cool pictures.” A couple of weeks ago, he posted, “Sometimes all we know is that we don’t know.”

What Is Visioning?

When we vision, we get beyond our fears.

Visioning is a process to get clear about what you want in your life. Visioning can be done with individuals or groups, such as families, businesses, or churches. Our repeated thoughts keep us locked into limited thinking.

Dream Big!

What would you do if there were no limits?

Who are you? I mean, who are you, really? It can seem that everyone has an idea of who you are supposed to be. Sometimes that fits with your own idea of you, and sometimes, it doesn’t fit.

This or Something Better

Release yourself from a particular outcome.

The creative energy of God-life is constant, ever-present, and available. Creativity expresses all around us. It is not limited by our economic level, political view, age, size or education. Creativity is alive and active. It is alive!

Is it time to take your life from GOOD to GREAT?

A personal coaching relationship can help. Prosperity in life and business is yours for the taking.

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