We Get To Choose

Where do you place your attention?

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In every moment, we are thinking. We can hold only one thought in our minds at a time. We are either thinking about the external circumstances around us or we are thinking about the internal, creative energy inside of us. We are either feeling victim to the situations occurring around us or we are feeling victorious in our view and handling of those situations. 

We have been told that where our attention goes, our energy flows. This means that when we put our attention on the problem, we add more energy to the problem. When we place more attention on possible solutions, or simply hold the space for possible solutions to emerge, we bring about a solution faster, easier, and more perfectly.

Where do you place your attention? Do you watch a lot of news on television or the internet? Do you talk with your friends about the latest awful thing that has happened? Do you feel overwhelmed by your worries and anxieties, rehearsing them over and over in your mind? 

When we decide to turn our attention and our energy toward a possible solution, we simply pause the chatter in our heads, or we meditate, or breathe, or reflect on something beautiful, or take a walk, or listen to uplifting music, or dance, or volunteer, or lie on the floor and do nothing, or stroke a pet. 

Clients sometimes ask me, “How can I just sit and breathe when the roof leaks, my kid is failing in school, and my wife screams at me because she bounced a check?” Well, that is a bit of an exaggeration, and hopefully no one is experiencing all of that at one time. However, there are times when it might feel that way, aren’t there?

My response to my clients is that all those external circumstances do not make you. You get to decide how you will handle them. You get to decide the feelings you will feel while you handle them. The circumstances don’t care if you are calm or distraught. They simply are there. You care how you feel while you are handling the challenges of life because you are the one who immediately feels the energy of your choices.

Today, be aware of where you choose to place your attention. Here is a short (1:49) video clip that talks about It's Our Decision.

Video: It's Our Decision with Rev. Robin Volker
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