I'm blessed to work with fantasticly smart, inspiring and talented people on this journey.


“Robin’s class made me realize I have great potential.”

“The most valuable insight was to 'take action.' I learned to start with myself then assist others. It was extremely helpful for me.”

“This workshop helped me to identify the actions that limit me and what actions will get me where I want to go."

“The format of the workbook and how the workshop flowed was awesome! I will keep the workbook with my journal and refer to it every day. It gave me a great blueprint.”

“Things are happening! You are helping me be positive and see so much more potential within me and in my life. Somehow that is causing good things to happen. I can’t explain it. Thank you. Namaste!”

“I received clarification of concepts, behaviors, thoughts, feelings, values, and stuck patterns in this workshop. The workbook, discussion, and presentation helped to clarify my goals and helped me focus on what’s important to me. It was great!”

“Robin’s coaching has been invaluable to me. I have done work for many years that provides a good income, but does not answer my soul’s longing. She has helped me find the path that will lead to my ultimate fulfillment. I highly recommend life coaching with Robin to anyone searching for answers in their life.”

“This dream building has given me so many new tools, so whenever I feel myself slipping, I have all these tools to get me back up and moving on. I am forever grateful for everything Robin taught me. I still use it daily, and it truly has changed my tedious life into a joyful life! As a bonus, my husband LOVES his job. We aren’t struggling financially anymore. It’s all good!”

“Robin is the best of teachers! She actually TEACHES! She clearly values group discussion, but she does not rely on this exclusively for class content. By the time she arrives at class, she has prepared study guide handouts for the next reading assignment, made charts to use in her presentation, and has gathered a great deal of material outside of the reading assignment to enhance her class. It is clear that she knows her material. I have been fully engaged in this wonderful class.”

“Dear Robin, I cannot begin to tell you how much of a difference your presentation made at the Canal Business Builder Bootcamp. When we got home, we started actively tracking our travel trips that we were planning, made a list of what we would like to accomplish, and made a list of what our goals were – aka bucket list. When we made our travel planning list, we realized that in the last part of 2013 and January of 2014 we were planning more trips for people than we did the whole of 2013! Thank you for guiding us to get going.”

“I continue to be grateful that Robin Volker came to speak at my church, and thus came into my life as my Dream Builder coach last summer (2013). She was a great comfort during an unusually turbulent summer, but more importantly, helped me to escape some of the patterns that I had created for myself and in which I had become stuck. Robin and the Dream Builder program gave me the tools that I needed to start creating a new life that reflects who I really am – a new life that reflects my desires, not just the desires of other people. Fondly,”

“Unity of Gainesville, GA is fortunate to have Rev. Robin as guest speaker often. Her talks are uplifting and inspirational, and there’s always something to take home with us for the week ahead. (And after a recent talk on prosperity, the church was blessed with several very special donations.)

She is also teaching a six-week class on Wednesday evenings. This thought provoking class is presented in such an interesting manner that it’s always lively and fun. Her God connection and foundation in Unity Principles are obvious in her presentation and personality.”

“When you said debt is all about forgiveness, I said, “Huh????” Because I truly didn’t think I held forgiveness from anyone except myself. I asked my husband, and he said he had the same thought. He was the only person he could think of that he didn’t forgive. And, as I reread the assignment and asked for LIGHT of UNDERSTANDING, I realized that I have been holding members of our family as owing me something. Loose them and let them go! And, of course, it’s more than family. It’s others as well. And Hallelujah! They’re all free today. This way bigger than it sounds here on paper. It is huge! No one owes me anything, and I owe no one anything except love and the realization of their inner divinity. Thank you Robin for helping me to get clear about forgiveness and debt.”

“Just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying your Wednesday class on the beginnings of Unity! I feel like I’m getting more of an insight into Charles and Myrtle Fillmore and Unity’s foundations than ever before.

Your emphasis on context and history by bringing in timelines and emphasizing the culture with its sociological, psychological and spiritual patterns of the times is deeply enriching and makes the whole time period come alive. Focusing on Charles and Myrtle with their distinct personalities, similarities and differences is helpful in bringing them alive as real people and not icons. I’m also glad we’re discussing other New Thought leaders and thinkers in context of the times and for comparison. This is all going deeper than other classes I’ve had on the subject and is very satisfying for me as a student in the course.

Thank you for all the time and effort you’ve spent in preparing this class and for the many good and thorough handouts. Your presenting this subject matter in such a full rounded way is very rich, and every student taking your course is, in my opinion, deeply blessed!!”

“Do You Have A Foundation?

An old proverb says that the height of the wall is completely dependent on the depth of the foundation. I didn’t get a real grip on that until the World Trade Centers fell, and workers and volunteers had to dig out what became known as “Ground Zero.” That deep hole in the ground became a sacred place for our nation, and 12 — what seems like short — years later, the new Freedom Tower is nearly completed. It’s not the old Twin Towers that once landmarked lower Manhattan on that site; instead it a beautiful, shining new building signifying that nothing can stop an idea when enough focus and determination is propelling it forward. The Freedom Tower didn’t magically appear overnight. It took 12 years of painful emotions, legalities, financing, dreaming, and designing before the actual building became reality.

Is it just another skyscraper in New York City where people will go to work in it, pass by it and tourists will visit and snap pictures? I hardly think so. It’s very name speaks volumes… “The Freedom Tower.” I use this as a metaphor for a journey I set out on 12 weeks ago. I hired Robin Volker as my Life Coach, but in the forefront of my mind, I was only thinking about how it could improve my business.

I humbly admit to anyone reading this that I have done my fair share of keeping the self-help authors and speakers in business. I have read plenty of books and have attended plenty of seminars, but I made a decision when I signed up for Robin’s program that I was going to engage fully and actually do the work. I was tired of being tired of the same old life and knew that I was the only one who could make the change.

I’m at the end of the 12 week Dream Builder program only to find out that I am really at the beginning; I am still growing and learning. I am not the same person I was 12 weeks ago. Sure, I have old patterns that try to weasel their way into my mind, but the skills that I have I learned and the person I have become has changed my game of Life. I have a foundation now. It may be just the footer or even a few levels of block, but I know what my skyscraper looks like, and every day I build a little more. I am becoming my very own “Freedom Tower.”

I would encourage anyone who wants a serious life change to take the leap of faith with Robin as your coach. It’s not easy; it takes work and dedication — and you can’t get there by yourself. The height of the wall is completely dependent on the depth of the foundation…think about that… you will be amazed at who you become as a person!”

“Robin calls me to be greater, to express my true potential. It's not always easy to answer that call or even recognize its words. However, she ensures I feel loved and supported, thus creating an environment where I can safely and confidently grow and transform.”

“Robin, you have my profound appreciation for making our sorrow so much easier to bear. Everything you did was so much more than thoughtful and kind. The service for my husband was beautiful, and many people told me how much they were touched.”

“I admire Robin's abilities in church management. Not only does she have the skills and knowledge needed, she cares deeply, and we feel it.”

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