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I Wish My Life Was Different

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Day after day, you wake up and think for a few seconds, “I wish my life was different.” Then you either get out of bed and get busy with the tasks of the day, pushing the thought of “something different” out of your mind, or you roll over and pull the covers over your head to block out the dull drum of desires that are dying a slow death within your heart.

Today, I invite you to make an appointment with yourself and give yourself the opportunity to express in writing that inner desire that lurks in the corners of your mind. Don’t worry about how you will satisfy that desire. Just befriend it and allow it to have a voice. Right now, open your calendar and pick 30 minutes for this exercise. Schedule it within the next 24 hours. Take fast action! Don’t delay another day.

Now that you have scheduled the time to meet your desire, you are to plan where you will meet. Choose a private spot in your home, a shady chair in the back yard, or the corner table in the break room at work. Take a notebook and pen or your electronic tablet. And ask this question: What do I wish was different in my life right now? Then write it out. Don’t edit it. Don’t dwell on it. Just write it out and save it. We will work more with it in the next Stepping Stone.

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