I Don't Know What I Want

Is an inner myth running the story of your life?

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Do you have an unsatisfied longing, yet you don’t know what you want? Sometimes we simply don’t know. We know we want something different, but we don’t know what that is. We make up stories about ourselves. “Maybe I am just lazy.” “Maybe God didn’t give me any talents.” “Maybe I have done everything I am supposed to.”

I knew a little girl who came home from school on the first day of first grade. She threw her book bag on the couch, placed her little hands on her hips and declared, “I’ll be glad when I get through school, married, and dead!” Her family thought that was funny and didn’t let her forget it. It became her credo. Then later in life, after the schooling was done, the family was raised, and all the work accomplishments were complete, she didn’t know what to do with herself. She felt empty and frustrated. “I’m all done,” she said to me. “Why am I still here?”

My answer to her was, “Since you are still here, you are not done yet.” The new task before this client was to identify what she wanted to do with this part of her life that she couldn’t see through six-year old eyes so long ago. Perhaps you have some inner myth that runs the story of your life. Perhaps you keep sabotaging yourself over and over.

Here is today’s question for you to ponder and write about: If I were to get curious about what I could be, do, or have in the next three years of my life, what would that be?

Curiosity is a great attribute to have. It causes us to pause in the current story we are telling in our minds. It opens a door to new possibilities. That door may be opened a tiny crack, or perhaps, it is now flung wide open! Step through that door and become curious. If you did know what you wanted, what would that be? Just pretend that you do know and write about it.

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