I Didn't Expect That

Life happens in spite of the best laid plans.

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How many times have you said something like, “I just didn’t expect that.” “I didn’t see it coming.” “If only I had expected that to happen.” A part of your mind wants to expect all the possibilities. It tells you that this is necessary so it (your mind) will know what to do with the events as they unfold. So you prepare as best you can. You try to anticipate all situations you will encounter. You turn on the Weather Channel and expect certain weather. You read the newspaper or listen to the news and expect a certain price of gas or certain response in the stock market. You come to expect certain behaviors from your spouse or partner, and you expect certain outcomes from meetings and agreements from your peers.

One of the benefits of growth in awareness is the ability to be present with whatever is, to recognize the present moment as the present moment. “This is what is on my plate right now.” Perhaps you often push away this moment because you didn’t expect it or plan for it. Instead of trying to expect all the possibilities of this day or this time in your life, can you place your efforts on being present with what is? If this moment seems overwhelming, ask for help. Seek out a coach or a trusted advisor to help you to expand your awareness and maybe decrease your expectations so you can take life one day at a time. It is amazing how your struggle will lessen and your joy will increase.

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