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What Is Visioning?

When we vision, we get beyond our fears.

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Visioning is a process to get clear about what you want in your life. Visioning can be done with individuals or groups, such as families, businesses, or churches. Our repeated thoughts keep us locked into limited thinking. We can easily think of the reasons why we can’t be, have, or do. These limited paradigms of thinking stand between us and the dream we have for our lives.

A vision helps us to break through the limited thinking and create next bold steps that will move us from where we are to where we want to be. These identified steps help the individual or group to stay focused. Without a plan, it is easy to allow distractions to derail the intention to move forward. When we can identify our vision, verbalize it, and make a plan to carry it out, we can keep it in the forefront of our minds and stay centered on our goals.

When we vision, we get beyond our fears. We get beyond the old habits of thinking. The vision gives us a clear purpose and a greater sense of well-being; it opens us to ways to experience and express our joy for life. The vision calls forth action on our part. It gets us off old positions (our butts) and creates movement.

Everything in life is built first in thought. Everything that manifests in the physical world was a thought before it was a thing. Visioning directs our thought processes in such a way that the manifestation results in the fulfillment of our dream.

The vision process for an organization helps to identify the primary threads of creative desire that are important to members of the group. Once the threads are identified, then a pattern can be created to weave them together.

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