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This or Something Better

Release yourself from attachment to a particular outcome.

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The creative energy of God-life is constant, ever-present, and available. Creativity expresses all around us. It is not limited by our economic level, political view, age, size or education. Creativity is alive and active. It is alive! Prayer creates the opportunity for you and me to connect with this living, breathing, expanding energy and, through this connection, we birth new ideas in our minds. Ideas are the currency of the Universe. The answers we seek are already held in God-mind; we simply aren’t aware of them yet. They are in God-mind, but are not available in our minds until we make space for them to be born in us.

When we pray, we often have an end-result already formed in our minds. After all, most of our prayers are to change outside circumstances, people, or situations. Changing circumstances, people, and situations can be a monumental task. As a result, we tend to feel as if our prayers aren’t heard or that prayer doesn’t work or that we aren’t “praying hard enough.” This concept of prayer insulates us from having sacred communion time with the Holy. Prayer is not about changing the outer; prayer is about preparing us for the highest and best outcome for all concerned.

Instead of trying to change the outer when we pray, our efforts will produce more effectual results if we can make an open space inside our minds for this creative activity of God to deposit its currency of ideas. Inside these new ideas lie the answers we seek. When we align with God-life, we manifest only what is for the highest and best of all involved. It is Universal Law.

We end each and every prayer experience with the affirmation, “This or something better.” Until now, we may have seen only through a peephole in the door of possibilities. The creative energy of God has many more solutions available than we can imagine. As we release our pre-conceived answers and “resource” the mind of the Infinite, our bodies literally vibrate with joy and excitement as new ideas emerge from the abyss. Released from attachment to a particular outcome, we become the very channel through which Spirit creates anew and afresh.

Allow “this or something better” to be your mantra today.

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