Pain or Pleasure?

Avoiding pain is very commanding.

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The two strongest psychological motivators are to avoid pain or to move toward pleasure. We make decisions based on whether something will hurt less than something else or feel better than our current circumstances. Many people know that making a particular change in their lives would have a positive outcome; however, the pain or work involved in changing isn't worth the reward. Avoiding pain is very commanding. It often takes precedence over anticipated pleasure. If the pain involved in changing is too great, folks will not commit and follow through. They procrastinate until the current pain becomes unbearable. Unfortunately, sometimes they wait too long and the window of opportunity for change closes.

How can you trick your mind into doing the hard work to make positive, productive change? It helps to have clear, attainable, manageable goals. Then you lay out realistic steps so you can move forward in small increments. It is helpful to have a coach who will cheer you on for each little success. A good coach will help you see your accomplishments in a new light and not scold you if you momentarily slip back into old thoughts or behaviors. When your coach teaches you how to appreciate all your efforts, your self-esteem is bolstered and your confidence renewed. 

With someone compassionately in your corner to point out how you are growing and how you are making progress week to week, it is easier to continue to do the work to change thinking and behavior habits that have kept you stuck. With each step forward you take, the fear that has held you back becomes weaker and weaker, and the anticipation of the rewards becomes stronger and stronger. 

Is it time for you to make a change? Is something nudging you to a healthy, happier, wealthier, more satisfied you? Is it time to move toward pleasure and quit allowing the avoidance of pain to rule your life? Let me help you make a plan of action that you can work on one step at a time. Email me for your private, personal assessment. Pleasure is a lot more fun than pain.

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