Maybe – Maybe Not

Sometimes we need to say, “Maybe not,” but sometimes we need to go for it.

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Do you want to change – quit smoking, lose weight, attract your special someone, get out of a bad relationship, change jobs, or earn more money? Just about the time you are ready to do something, you decide to not risk it. Maybe you want to change. Maybe you don’t. This see-saw thinking may make you think you are crazy and might even alienate your best friends. 

Don’t be discouraged! You are not abnormal. Most of us sit on that see-saw from time to time, wondering which decision is the right one. Your current situation might not be completely fulfilling, but at least you know what you have. If you change, the unknown is scary and can be overwhelming. You may wonder, “What if things are worse instead of better? What if the result isn’t worth the work?”


I talked with a woman the other day who was super excited about taking a new step in her life. She said, “I want to go for it!” But she didn’t show up for her first appointment. The see-saw had tipped back to the status quo and was holding her down. Because of my experience, I know that she would reap great benefit from our work together, but she doesn’t know that. She can only trust her current situation, so there she sits on the side of “maybe not.”

Here’s a fact – Every decision you make will cost you something.

Every change will require sacrifice. That’s why every pound lost, every patient moment, every financial stretch, every new risk will cause you to give up something in order to get the new thing or achieve the new goal. The question is, “Can I withstand the discomfort of the new behavior long enough to reap the reward of the sacrifice?” “Can I withstand the craving for the cigarette long enough to breathe easier?” “Can I withstand the getting-to-know-you phase of the new relationship to build the trust and love I yearn for?” “Can I withstand the anxiety of the job search to land more perfect work?” 

Sometimes we need to say, “Maybe not,” but sometimes we need to go for it. If you are ready to talk about your see-saw moments, make an appointment for a free discovery session. What do you have to lose, except a few ups and downs?

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