Are You Ready To Do Things Differently?

Your brain craves change.

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Boom, boom, boom. The fireworks exploded, the ball dropped, and a new year began. By the time you read this article, you may have already trashed your resolutions. Please don’t despair. There is hope!

If you got into your car and headed for an adventure in another state, you would need a roadmap or a GSP. You would make a plan and lay out your route. But you probably don’t do that for your life goals. So year after year you ponder the “what ifs” and then settle for “what comes.” 

The new possibilities offered by a new year are stimulation and motivation – at least for a day or two. As much as you don’t like change, your brain actually needs it – actually, your brain craves change. Your brain needs to experience new things and new stimuli and challenges in order to keep it from deteriorating. As that new year rings in, you declare, “This will be the year!” “This will be the year I lose those pounds, find my perfect someone, make the money I know I can make, heal my body, or travel abroad. And, then, by the next week, you are filled with disappointment for you have absolutely no idea how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Are you ready to do things differently this year? Here are some tips from your transformational life coach. Take out a couple of sheets of paper. Make a short list of your most important roles. For me, it was life coach, minister, wife, sister, aunt, business owner, and self-care giver. The next step is to write about what you really want to accomplish in each of your important roles. You may write one or two goals per role. Some roles may have more goals. Listen to your heart and keep asking yourself, “What would I really love?” Be careful to not overwhelm yourself by making a huge list that will only frustrate you in a week or two. It is better to get some wins under your belt.

Once you have made your list of roles and goals, pick a couple of goals to break into steps. You can begin to work on these bite-sized pieces.

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